Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

New Bipod

I bought one of these in another brand a year or so ago, and it kept loosening and coming off. If this one does it I'll modify it to mount securely directly on the stock.
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So you like the new bi-pod? You hit the cube. Looks cold there. Rain and 50 degrees here.
It is cheap, but I'll have to modify it so it doesn't fall apart under recoil.

Not too bad here, wet is all.
Bummer you have to keep fiddling with stuff. It got cold and windy here again. Snow flurries. I'm ready for warm weather.
If you didn't have to keep fiddling, everyone could do it; and it wouldn't be an accomplishment to win a match.
You're right! When is the next match?
They don't have this year's schedule up yet.
I might visit the range before the match to familiar myself to their rules and verify my scope settings.
That would be a great idea. Is it far from where you live?
It is about 40 miles away... Just like everything else. :)
Oh, well, enjoy the trip.