can shoot you.


Look who put Millie up to the treasonous act. She put us at risk of nuclear attack, because Millie told China all about it.

Traitors confirmed!

can shoot you.

Censorship On Maximum

YouTube is deleting comments like mad today, don't you dare describe what the traitor Millie did, or don't you imply election fraud. Also the "conspiracy theory" channels have disappearing thumbnails. I expect them to disappear altogether soon.

can shoot you.

Like I Said

Covid is forever! How do you not know this?

So stop acting as if we're all going to be cured by Dr. Politic!

We have another strain of the flu, thanks to China and Dr. Politic; now move on with your lives!

can shoot you.

What About Us?

Fox News was talking about the "vaccinated" and the "unvaccinated" in regards to how deadly the variants are. Supposedly, that is all the facts of the matter.

Um, no. There are more than the 34 million confirmed cases that now have natural immunity. Why aren't they part of the conversation?