can shoot you.

Minerva Monster

Guess what? Just 4 miles from these incidents,and a few years after; I had an encounter with a thrashing animal, in a cornfield.
A friend and I had an animal cornered in this cornfield, and every time I
advanced, it would thrash corn stalks like it meant business! If I stopped advancing, moved laterally or away from the animal, it did nothing; only when I
moved toward it, did it thrash.
I tried to get a visual on the animal, but I saw nothing; which made it
difficult to trust my reactions to an attack that I was sure to happen
if I got too close.
At the closest, I was 30 feet from it; I couldn't see it, and advancing
closer just didn't feel like the smart idea with bird-shot in my 12ga.
I've hunted and camped there for years; that is the only time I had a strange episode there.


can shoot you.

Just Checking In

I want to come by here more often, but need something to post or say, and I am one boring SOB!

I have been shooting this gun the most, because I will deer hunt with it, but at 150 yards or less most likely.

can shoot you.

Deer Rifle 2

I could not get the 45-70 to shoot properly, at least with a scope, and I am just not as good with my deer handgun anymore to have confidence in not wounding one; so I traded the handgun back for the Marlin I used to have.

It is like a buy back!