Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Another Post

I'd been wanting to post sooner, but have been busy.

I can't tell you how happy I am that the American people are starting to mistrust the bias media. It only took them half a century!

Stop whining democrats, he hasn't even took office yet!
...of course, before Obama took office, he was already in a scandal selling his Senate seat. And Obama was dealing with those scumbags, make no mistake.
But the democrats are total victims now, the poor downtrodden.

My eyes are too bad anymore, I have to put the scope on the 30-30.

I can still use iron sights on other rifles with unique sights that work well with my eyes. :/
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Good video even if the camera was a bit blurry. Missed hitting the butterfly! Good shot and cool knocking over the target stand. Yeah- my eyes aren't doing so well either. I'm taking some time off with all media- I'm tired of the whiners and rioters. Too much time devoted to sore losers. Trump has done nothing yet as you say, he's not yet in Office, and goofy people are losing their minds. What would they be like if something 'actually happened' to them? Have a nice week!
Will Obama blame Trump for his mess-ups? He had no problem blaming Bush for the last 8 years.
I think Obama will blame his mistakes on anyone but himself. He really thinks he's God's gift to the world and he'll keep reminding us of it too.

I was
Hoping to hit the butterfly... one day.

Yes, the democrats will always cause problems, you aren't special like them.

I think the smoke from theKentucky fires makes my camera focus oddly.

Have a great day too!
I think Trump is going to have trouble with everyone in Washington. No cooperation. It's sad. I heard the Obamas are staying in D.C. once Trump becomes president. You can never get rid of these people until they die. I get sick of hearing all the trash talk. I don't ever recall seeing so many cry babies due to an election.

Hope your smoke doesn't get too bad. Hope for rain or snow.