Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

Soon the democrats will change their tune from, "Not all Muslims areterrorists," to; "Not all Democrats are terrorists."

Since they have been fueling the black violence with their "fake news."
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This attack is on Eric Holder. He decided to exclude whites from hate crime legislation protection in 2009.
The whole Obama administration are so corrupt, I see endless ramfications.
Pretty much. A Hillary administration would've been even worse!
People make choices to do violence. We all have the choice to do violence or not. People make all kinds of excuses for their actions. Usually, the people who do violence like it and would do it no matter what. There is too much fake news going around. Too many people believing it. Weird world we're in.
Hopefully the fake news agencies will go bankrupt.
I agree with that. I don't care for politicians like McCain spreading the lies of the fake news. Or US agencies spreading lies too. Anything to bring down Trump. Sore losers forever.