Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Ben Shapiro - You NEED To Hear This!!

You don't need a orchestrated false flag, when the athorities do nothing to curtail those that wish us to do harm; and the news organizations Grant you Fame, while laying blame on the NRA and Constitutionalists.

My local news just reported arresting 4 individuals threatening similar acts, and of course he had a shooter that somehow only killed himself. The schools aren't places of learning, they are trying to creating bed wetting drug induced beta males, or bed wetting drug induced psychopaths!

We are being played by democrats, stop leftist madness!
Tags: gun control
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Unfortunately the FBI is part of the deep state. I think they let it happen and CNN would then come in and tell the kids what to say to make it sound like gun control is popular.
A lot of government officials; need to do a lot of explaining!
Same with the Oakland mayor aiding and abetting the illegals there!
A guy on a local talk show here stated that 17 people being shot dead every weekend in South Chicago is basically normal and no one cares. 17 people shot dead at a school and everyone freaks out. The difference is the Left can use the school shooting to try to take away 2nd Amendment rights. Kids were killed. Nobody cared about the people in South Chicago. Anyway, it is the person not the gun that kills. Logic.
The Left only care about black people when there's an election.
It sure seems that way.
...and I think they are starting to wake-up.
You mean they're finally becoming woke. ;)
But those kinds aren't our "best and brightest!" :/
Yeah, you're right.