Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

The NRA apparently helped in this case.

Early on we heard how the shooter was in a ROTC program that the evil NRA aided. The NRA said they sent the program supplies like Kevlar shielding.

Then we find the student was given a script from CNN. That student was in the ROTC program, and knew to use (evidently,) that Kevlar shielding.

It seems the NRA was the only one that had a positive impact in the situation; everyone else failed.
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That sheriff needs to resign. He's second to Hillary in finger-pointing and excuses.
Yes, that dude knew his men failed the children, then he blames me! Infuriating!
I'm sick of this whole story. I'm tired of Liberals wanting to punish law abiding gun owners for the crimes of crazy people. One look at this latest mass murderer and you can see he's nuts.
...we find that the authorities on every level, failed epidemically!
They didn't want to ruin Crazy Bastard's life with unfair records/facts about his crazy behavior!
Every proposal of gun control would not effect the outcome of this situation. If you don't arrest Crazy Bastard for crazy violent crime, Crazy Bastard is not in the system.

Enforce the law.
Harden school security.
Ban guns for gun control advocates and they can't have armed security. Not only that, but in Hollywood their characters can't use guns either. They can fight with plastic spoons. ;)
Yes! They could throw plastic spoons. Like that guy in 'Mystery Men', Blue Raja, who threw forks.
Law Enforcement has a very hard time enforcing the law. I'd like to see armed guards inside and outside of schools. I doubt the State will fork out the money for it.
The police should be provided on the local level. I don't want the feds or state to be responsible, when they aren't held responsible.
That makes sense if the local police do their jobs.