Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Dicks Sporting Goods Say Good Bye to My $$$$

LOL! I gotta watch more of his videos!
Tags: gun control
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When I think of buying a gun, I wouldn't go to Dick's or Walmart. I'd go to Boise Gun Company or Impact Guns or Sportsmen's Warehouse. We bought one thing at Dick's and it broke. We don't shop there now and never plan to.
I go to Fin Fur and Feather, or Kames in N. Canton. I will never buy anything from Dicks, Walmart, or Springfield Armory, Cooper, and Ruger really doesn't deserve my business, even though I do have a Mark III.
Yeah, people who buy guns know where to buy good guns. If I want a nice wedding cake I don't run into Albertson's and buy a shitty chocolate cake mix. I'm going to a shop that specializes in beautiful wedding cakes. Now I'm hungry. More like hangry.