Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Talk Show Hoast Said...

"...they will only wave a flag of their origin, but the ultimate offense is to be sent back there."
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Who said that?
I think It was Ron Verb, WKBN 570AM.
I feel like I am on the front lines for this "wetback" problem. No one talks about the great numbers of Mexican-Americans who want the illegal crossings to stop. Maybe it's just my own social group? We like the tourism from the rich Mexicans, (yes, they exist!), but we're tired of those who come simply to steal jobs and benefits! We're especially tired of Mexico passing their Central American problem north to us. They don't want poorer folks from Central American invading their country, so they expedite them here!
It may be remedied soon, but I can't see a democrat not "maintaining" the wall in specific places.