Justgoto (justgoto) wrote,

Walkaway Movement

I think the leftists are in trouble; expect them to double down on their violent rhetoric.
Tags: walkaway
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Dems think minorities owe them a vote.... I guess some things haven't changed for them 150 years later.
It was the Southern Democrats (Confederates) who kept Blacks as slaves and fought for their 'states rights' to keep them during the Civil War. A Confederate General headed the KKK. So you are correct, some things haven't changed for the Democrats in over 150 years.
The "party switch" is a myth to absolve themselves of their crimes by pointing fingers at those who disagree.
Indeed. It is ridiculous at its root.
You are right!
The internet has removed the veil.
I like the way this man thinks! Great video.
So many are seeing the real face of the democrat party, and the leadership is in a panic!
I heard this weird thing on local radio. Last weekend Portland had riots by anti Trump and anti ICE people. One jackass hit a random guy (just going about his business not part of the riot/protest) on the head with a pipe. The innocent guy that got hit slugged the rioter and knocked him out cold. This was being discussed on a local radio show and this guy calls up (some lib I guess) and claims those little flags on sticks kids wave around are weapons! And idiots like him are being threatened by these tiny American flags on sticks. He was serious. He has every right to defend himself from this menace! (I'm totally fed up with hysterical Democrats.)


July 6 2018, 03:39:41 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  July 6 2018, 03:39:55 UTC

Hysteria is the Democratic Party platform. People used to be committed for that.
I wish Maxine Waters would be committed! She's a total nut bar.
It is only going to get worse. Guess who will be crying foul when Americans decide to fight back.
The Libbie-libs!
I've been seeing this on my feed at You Tube, but resisted watching. Thanks for posting here, because I did finally watch it all the way through. Some friends of mine are in a "mixed" family. Not mixed race, mixed ideologies. Both are black, but the man's brother is a liberal politician in New York City, and the wife, though from New York, admits to being a political conservative. They have interesting arguments...

I'm not sure where their teen aged children stand, but they have been WELL informed about both sides.