Had Some Problems

But they seem to be fixed...for now.

First; my 45-70 was too hard on the scopes I have, so I had to put iron sights on it. Unfortunately, the barrel was not equipped with a hole or dovetail to mount a front sight to; so I had to drill and tap one myself, and it came out great!

It'll take some getting used to.

Some time ago I found my bore of my 30-30 to be oversized from so much shooting. Well, I have figured out my loads and have a good main load that I will shoot regularly.

Hopefully, my sights are adjusted correctly now.

And not too long ago I broke my firing pin on the S&W model 66, and could not buy a new one since the pistol is so old. But I modified one for another model and it seems to be working well.

So, that is a huge weight off my shoulders, getting my these back into working order!


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